July 26 Community Relief Fund Update

The Greensboro Association has raised nearly $55,000 for community relief from the recent flooding disaster. The grants committee has awarded $20,000 to local groups working directly with community members and they continue to work with local organizations to determine where the greatest needs are.

Donations have enabled us to provide much needed food security including supporting the increased food demand at the Hardwick Area Food Pantry (and its satellite locations) made even more necessary by the extensive crop loss experienced by area farms that traditionally donate produce to the pantry as well as the Center for an Agricultural Economy (CAE)’s food voucher program making food and grocery vouchers available to those in need for use in Greensboro at Willey’s General Store and Smith’s Grocery, in Hardwick at the Buffalo Mountain Market, and an increasing list of other local grocery stores as well as farmers markets. Food vouchers are being distributed by the Hardwick Area Food Pantry (HAFP), Hardwick Rescue Squad, Northeast Kingdom Organizing (NEKO) and other frontline organizations, who are also distributing emergency meals.
Funds have also been instrumental in supporting on the ground volunteer efforts coordinated by NEKO, The Civic Standard, and local Neighbor to Neighbor groups to muck out basements by supplying funds to purchase pumps, fans, dehumidifiers, PPE, and other cleaning supplies necessary to salvage homes and businesses, provide essential drinking water and food to work crews, and provide emergency shelter for those whose homes have been damaged. Churches, including the Greensboro United Church of Christ have also continued to offer community members assistance with food, fuel and other needs.
Lastly, Relief Funds have also been distributed to subsidize food, fuel, and supplies that Smith’s Grocery and Willey’s General Store have been donating to support our community members and non-profit partners. Willey’s is working with organizations to bulk order tools and hardware supplies for demolition and rebuilding efforts that are just getting started.
There’s still time to support this fund to help the local organizations in our area in need. You can donate at: https://greensboroassociation.org/…/community-relief…/