Caspian Lake Watershed Action Plan Final Report Presentation Webinar: Tuesday, January 16 at 5 p.m.

Caspian Lake Watershed Action Plan Final Report Presentation Webinar
This webinar will be focused on presenting the final report for the Caspian Lake Watershed Action plan (LWAP). The final report will include a high-level overview/synthesis of all the prior completed desktop and field assessments, recommendations and outcomes.

All the Caspian Lake LWAP information is available for your viewing on the Storymap site.

What is a Lake Watershed Action Plan? A Lake Watershed Action Plan is an assessment and planning tool which identifies the greatest threats to the lake ecosystem, including impacts on water quality and wildlife habitat from stormwater runoff and from altered, cleared, or converted shorelands. The assessment combines a lake’s condition of shoreland, tributaries, drainage ditches, wetlands, hydrologically connected roads, and working landscapes in an individual planning guide that prioritizes restoration and protection actions for that specific region.

**If you are new to Microsoft TEAMS please allow 10 minutes before the start of the meeting to get TEAMS set up and ready for use.
Tuesday, Jan 16, 5:00 PM (EST)