What is Going On in Our Watershed?

Join a special meeting on October 14 to learn about the State of Vermont Lamoille Tactical Basin Plan.  The basin plan drives a lot of the work and funding available for organizations in the watershed to address water quality issues, including work on Caspian Lake.

The 2020 GA Annual Meeting will be held August 6 at 4pm

The 2020 Annual Meeting for the Greensboro Association will be held on August 6 at 4:00 pm.   We sincerely hope many of our members will be able to attend to hear about the great work of the GA in this unusual year.

This meeting will occur electronically via ZOOM. Please refer to the email from the GA with the Zoom link. If you have misplaced or deleted that email please email [email protected] and we will send the link. You will be able to access the meeting via internet or phone. Information about How to access a Zoom meeting can be found HERE.

Documents for the meeting are available at the links below.

GA Annual Meeting Agenda Aug 6 2020

ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES FROM 2019 (FOR APPROVAL) https://www.greensboroassociation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/2019-8-8-GA-Annual-Meeting-MinutesUnapproved.docx

NOMINATIONS SLATE (FOR APPROVAL)  https://www.greensboroassociation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/2020-GA-Nominations-Committee-Report-.pdf

2019-20 FINANCIAL RESULTS AND PROPOSED BUDGET https://www.greensboroassociation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/GATreasReport-2020-Finalwithbudget.pdf

2020-21 COMMITTEE REPORTS  https://www.greensboroassociation.org/resources/reports/


HOW DO I ACCESS A ZOOM MEETING?  https://www.greensboroassociation.org/how-do-i-access-a-zoom-meeting/


Results: 2020 Caspian Challenge

Congratulations to overall 5K winner Pablo Coddou (23.0), the overall Lake Loop Winners Evan Thorton-Sherman (38.35) and Anne Treadwell (50.35)  Click here for all results

Next year’s race will be Sunday, July 25, 2021. Mark your calendars!

Special thanks to all of those who came out to help on the day, especially Stew Arnold and Cathy Irwin who organized the event for the Greensboro Association.

2019 Winter Update

Our members have received the Winter Letter by email. Those who have not “opted out” of paper mailings also received the mailing delivered by the USPS. We look forward to getting your updates, suggestions and new member referrals. Please read the highlights of the Greensboro Association in the Winter 2019 President’s Letter.

Greensboro Association Annual Meeting August 3

Mark your calendars for the Annual Meeting of the Greensboro Association.  This year’s meeting will include our regular business meeting, reports from town and school board officers, and a presentation by Sarah Waring, Executive Director of the Center for an Agricultural Economy (CAE).  Learn more about how the CAE is working to build a healthy food system in the greater Hardwick community through collaboration opportunities, improving food access and hunger relief, educational outreach, and building community infrastructure.  Visit their website here: https://www.hardwickagriculture.org

This year’s meeting will be from 4-6 PM on Thursday, August 3 at the Greensboro United Church Sanctuary.


Sixth Annual Caspian Challenge Results

The Greensboro Association held the Sixth Annual Caspian Challenge this past weekend.  Ninety runners and walkers from Greensboro and surrounding communities joined us at the ballfield on Tolman Corner for this annual Sunday outing.  Proceeds from this year’s event go to the GA’s Lake Protection Fund.  Co-sponsored by Circus Smirkus and the Cellars at Jasper Hill, the run brought runners of all ages together to compete in either a 5K or the 6.8-mile loop around the lake.  Many families participated and this year saw a record number of children entering both the 5K and the lake loop.  The field was competitive and conditions (cool temperatures and overcast skies) made for a fast race.  Everyone enjoyed delicious homemade baked goods at the finish.

Evan Thornton-Sherman, age 13, captured the lake loop in a winning time of 42:56.  He led the field from the start, but no one could catch him.  In the 5K, overall winner was 12-year old Cormac Leahy of Greensboro with a time of 20:41.  Complete results are available here:


Just a few of the local businesses that provided prizes for the event include:

Cassie’s Corner

Willey’s Store

Highland Lodge

Hill Farmstead Brewery

Craftsbury General Store

Special thanks to Stew and Becky Arnold, the Jenkins Family, and a host of volunteers for making this event happen this year.

2017 Spring Newsletter

Read our Spring Newsletter! Lots of news and information about upcoming events in Greensboro. Thank you to Whitney Sowles, our Newsletter Editor.

Caspian Challenge Welcomes 112 Runners and Walkers

Sunny skies and coolish temperatures greeted runners and walker for this year’s GA-sponsored Caspian Challenge. One hundred eight finishers enjoyed the fast conditions, and records fell once again! 

Sam Beech took the overall Lake Loop winner, with a record time of 38:12, and our overall 5K winner was Evan Thornton-Sherman with a time of 21:05. 

Results are available for viewing here:


Special thanks to our sponsors who provided donations for this year’s race:

Hillcrest Nursery

Borealis Studios

Black Dirt Farm

Hill Farmstead Brewery

Pete’s Greens

Willey’s Store

Cassie’s Corner

Lakeside Looks

Hazendale Farmstand

Greensboro Garage

Victoria Hill Physical Therapy

Yoga Light

Craftsbury General Store

Jasper Hill Farm

Also, a special thanks to our race volunteers and cooks:

The Ely Family

The Arnold Family

The Osterhout Family

The Kehler/Von Hessert Family

The Virden Family

The Jenkins Family

The Sowles Family

The McKenzie Family


We look forward to another great race next year!

Greensboro Association Annual Meeting to be Held Thursday, August 4 at 4 PM

The Annual Meeting of the Greensboro Association will take place on Thursday, August 4 from 4-6 PM.   The Board elected to schedule the meeting earlier in the evening to accommodate the variety of evening activities in early August.

Included on the agenda are a one-hour business meeting, followed by a town update that will include a presentation from the Planning Commission on the results of the recent community survey, as well as a report from Hardwick Police Chief Aaron Cochran.

Finally, we invite you to celebrate the recipients of this year’s Greensboro Award, Judy and Andy Dales, and offer thanks at this meeting for their many contributions to the community.

Please note the earlier time and join us from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Thursday, August 4 at the GUCC Fellowship Hall.

Lake Levels & Ice Damage Informational Meeting

When:  July 8, 2016 from 4 to 6 PM

Where: Fellowship Hall of the Greensboro United Church of Christ

Sponsor: Greensboro Association Ad Hoc Committee on Lake Levels

Shorelines and properties around Caspian Lake experienced unprecedented ice and high water damages during the 2015/2016 winter.  The Greensboro Association Ad Hoc committee on Lake Water Levels has been investigating the extent of the damages, the causes and possible solutions.   The committee has also met with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources  to inform them of damages to Caspian’s shoreline, to understand the Agency’s policies and to discuss long term solutions.

The objective of the July 8th meeting is to inform the Caspian community of the current situation regarding controlling lake levels and to discuss the committee’s proposals on how Caspian community should move forward to prevent seasonal ice and high water damage in the future.


Green-up Day!

It’s been a Vermont tradition for 45 years. On the first Saturday in May, Vermonters take to our highways and byways, green garbage bags in hand, and pick up roadside litter. It’s just one of the ways we work to keep our state beautiful for all of us.

This year, Green-up Day is on Saturday, May 7. The town will provide green bags and gloves for trash collection. Come to the Town Clerk’s office to mark your route on the town map so everyone knows which areas have been covered. This year, Greensboro’s Walking ladies will provide snacks and the Vermont Coffee Company is also supplying coffee for volunteers. Full green-up bags can be brought to the designated dumpster behind the Town Hall. In addition, the metal dumpster will be available, as well as a tire dumpster for tires found along roadsides. If you have tires to dispose other than those found along roadsides, the town has a suggested fee of $3.00 per tire, delivered to the town clerk’s office.

Not in Greensboro, or even in Vermont, for Green-up Day? Consider taking a few minutes of your day to green-up in your town. For more information about Green-up Day, including safety tips, visit https://www.greenupvermont.org.

Caspian Challenge Scheduled for Sunday, July 24

Greensboro’s Select Board approved the Association’s plans for hosting the 5th Annual Caspian Challenge on the morning of Sunday, July 24. This family-friendly event has grown over the years, and it will continue to include the 6.8 mile run around Caspian, a 5K run, and a 5K walk. Proceeds from past runs have supported lake protection and, most recently, the Lakeview Union School’s Farm-to-School program. Look for race details and a link to online registration on the Greensboro Association website by mid-May.

The Challenge relies heavily on volunteers for its success. Interested in getting involved to keep this event running into the future? Contact [email protected].

Greensboro Community Forum on Act 46, Thursday, December 10


Under Act 46 of 2015, communities are being asked to change how school districts and supervisory unions operate to meet student needs and address taxpayer concerns. The Greensboro and Lakeview school boards aim to help build understanding of Act 46, what it means for our students, and how the Greensboro community will move forward to meet the requirements of the law.

Please join us on Thursday, December 10 at 6:30 PM at the Lakeview Union School on Lauredon Avenue in Greensboro, for a conversation about the Act, what we want for our students, and our next steps.

This will be the first of several conversations with our community on this subject. We hope you can join us.

Questions? Contact the school boards at [email protected] or [email protected]. More information on Act 46 is also available at www.ossu.org or by calling the Supervisory Union office at 472-6531, x14.

Giving Closet Re-opens


After a brief hiatus this fall, Greensboro’s Giving Closet re-opened this November.   While closed, the Closet underwent a full cleaning and light refurbishment with a fresh coat of paint and some reorganization.

Giving Closet hours are fully dependent upon volunteer staffing. The Giving Closet is currently only staffed on Wednesdays. Without a volunteer present to accept donations or assist visitors, the Closet will not be open. If you are interested in donating your time to this important community resource, please visit the Town Hall to sign up.

If you are interested in donating items to the Closet, please only do so when a volunteer is available to receive your goods. If the item you wish to pass on to a new owner is torn, stained, or broken, please dispose of it properly in the trash.

Annual Meeting and People to Thank

For those of you that missed the August 8 annual meeting of the Greensboro Association, here are a few highlights – as well as reminder to say thanks to your board members and your committee members for all their work and contributions to the Association and Greensboro.

 2014 President’s Report Summary

Our mission is to conceive, advance, and support village initiatives and organizations that enhance our community and to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment for both full and part-time residents of Greensboro.

We refined our mission this year to help sharpen our focus and support the launch of the new Greensboro Association Endowment. Establishing a 501c3 status and launching the GA Endowment represents a major milestone for the Association and can pave the way for members and friends to contribute with annual donations as well as consider major gifts to support the future needs in Greensboro and to deliver on our mission.

Read the rest of the report here.

People to Thank

When you see these people, please pass along your thank you for all of their efforts on behalf of the GA and Greensboro. (Feel free to add your comments below and mention any people we may have missed!):

Managing the precious Barr Hill & Long Pond Nature Preserves:  Chris King, Clive Gray

Engaging our members with year round communications:  Linda Ely

  • Managing the Website & Member Data (Betsy Hunt)
  • Crafting the Spring Newsletter (Niall Kirkwood)
  • Building the Directory (Linda Ely)
  • Creating the Green Sheet Calendar (Cilla Smith)
  • Providing Web and Technical Advice  (Susan Wood, John Stone)

Running events we love like the Caspian Challenge!: Victoria von Hessert with help and support from Stew and Becky Arnold, The Ely Family, The Porrazzo Family, The Sowles Family, The Osterhout Family, The Kehler Family, The Cook Family, Day Patterson, Sarah Kasten, The Gowen Family, Jim Flint

Managing our funds and supporting the 501c3 process: Rick Lovett, Day Patterson

Crafting, shaping and launching the GA Endowment!!: Clay Simpson with  John Stone III, Linda Ely, Andy Dales, Rick Lovett, Mike Cassidy, Day Patterson (MVP!), Bob Fairbanks, Clive Gray and Mary Parker.

Awarding Grants and managing the grant applications!: Clay Simpson, Niall Kirkwood, Andy Dales, Janet Johnston

Working with the Select Board to support a range of Greensboro Initiatives: Naomi Ranz-Schleifer with Allison Stegner, Chris King, Sara Dillon, John Stone and working with Patrick Hewes and The Willey Beach Park Committee (consisting of Naomi Ranz-Schleifer, John Mackin, and Selectboard Members Peter Romans and Bridget Collier)

Protecting Our Lake!  Andy Dales with Bob Parrish, Allison Stegner, Jim Sutton, June Bascom, Rick Yeiser (Chair of GLT Stream Runoff Subcommittee), Linda Shatney

Launching our Membership Program: Allison Stegner with Naomi Ranz-Schleifer; Sara Dillon

Our Sunday Evening Music – Lake Concerts: John & Lisa Hewett with help this year from Elias Ranz-Schleifer  

Facilitating the nominations of your Board of Trustees: Don Jenkins

Managing the Greensboro Swimming Committee: Lorelei Wheeler

Working on the town Zoning By-Laws: Larry Hewes

Reports available online from the 2012 Annual Meeting

Committee reports are available online from the Annual Meeting in August 2012.     Minutes from the meeting are also available.   Look under Reports in this website.


Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting and who presented a report.

Highland Lodge update at Greensboro Association Annual meeting – August 10, 2012 at 7:30pm

Please join us at 7:30pm on Friday, August 10 for the Greensboro Association Annual meeting in Fellowship Hall at the United Church of Christ.  In addition to updates by the Selectboard and the Hardwick Police Department, we will have a report on Caspian Lake, a review of projects which are planned for the next year and a presentation on the status of Highland Lodge by guest speakers Willey and David Smith. The Association will also approve our budget and the slate of new officers for next year.

The Agenda

Introductions (Welcome & Overview of Agenda, Reading of Members Passed) Greensboro Reports (Police Report, Selectman Update, Greensboro Award, Fire Station Report)

Treasurer & Auditor Report Greensboro Community Project Proposal Committee Reports (Lake Update, Communications & Website, Events Committee, Membership Update, Grants and Gifts, Nominating & New Slate) President’s Report

Guest Speakers –David and Wilhelmina Smith: Highland Lodge Update

Caspian Challenge Kicks Off in Fine Form

Runners and walkers both young and old, ages 7 to 88, gathered at the ball field on Saturday, July 28 for the inaugural Caspian Challenge.  Many participants recalled the Caspian Run Around event held years ago and were eager to renew a tradition here in Greensboro.  Others were looking forward to a fun race in a beautiful setting.  While forty people pre-registered for the event, when the registration table opened at 8 AM, participants swamped volunteers to sign up for either the lake loop or the 5 kilometer run along Country Club Road.  By the time the dust settled, nearly 100 participants had completed one of the two races.  At the finish, racers enjoyed baked goods, beverages, and lots of comradeship.

For more photos, go to Karen Gowen photography.   Any profits from photos with go to the GA as a donation.   Thanks Karen for taking the photos!

Not having expected this many competitors, the organizers had some difficulties recording finishing times.  We apologize for any errors or omissions and are already working on improvements to the finish line in anticipation of next year’s event.   Please come out and join us in 2013!

Below are the winners in each of our categories:
Raffle Winner:                       Peggy Lipscomb
Craziest Outfit:                      Maya McCoy
Youngest Runner:                 Cormac Leahy, age 7
Oldest Runner:                      Alan Lukens, age 88
Largest Family Group:         The Philips and Connolly Families
each with 5 participants

5K Winners:
Under 15:      Charlie Connolly and Elizabeth Bennett
15-24:             Erin Mulvey
25-44:             Matissa Hollister and Jesper Holtenman
45-59:             Nancy Bennum and David Zalepa
Masters:         George Hall and Peggy Lipscomb

Lake Loop Winners:
Under 15:      No entries
15-24:             Emma Porrazzo
25-44:             Victoria Hill and Adrian Owens
45-59:             Dot Martin and Jim Flint
Masters:         John Martin

Prizes were generously provided by the following:
Willey’s Store
Hazendale Farmstand
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Yoga Light (Sophia Light Smith-Barsalow)
Connie’s Kitchen
Cassie’s Corner
Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont
Galaxy Bookshop
Jennifer Ranz
The Allen Family
Julie Porrazzo
Bien Fait
Cellars at Jasper Hill
Caledonia Spirits and Winery

Thank you as well to our volunteers and organizers: Gordon Auchinschloss, Laura Hill, Lucy Lukens, Stephanie and Linnea Osterhout, the Bennett Family, the Kehler Family, the Sowles Family, and the Porrazzo Family, as well as to the Hardwick Police Department for their assistance with traffic control.

Interested in helping to make next year’s Challenge a great success?  Contact the Greensboro Association to get involved!



The Funky Fourth Parade 2012

The Funky Fourth Parade came off without a hitch on Saturday July 7 – floats, antique cars, local businesses and groups, and the Bread and Puppet Theater were featured…along with the Von Trapp family singers from “The Sound of Music” and a large paper mache cow on a float from the Brown family farm – 4 generations of Greensboro farming!  In addition to distributing candy to the crowd, two local businesses threw local ice cream and Cabot Cheese!  Bread and Puppet was there in force as well.  The Chicken Barbecue at the Church went off without a hitch as did the fair and games on the Town Green!  Thanks to all who participated and helped!

2012 Community Calendar

The 2012 Community Calendar or Green Sheet is complete! A printable calendar for the summer including on-going and special events. Be sure to also check the calendar page for additions or changes.