The Status of Municipal Water in Greensboro – Fall 2012 Update

During the past few years, the water supply for the Greensboro Fire District #1 (the municipal water system supplying both year round and seasonal residents) has been under increasing pressure.  Many of the water lines are leaking badly, causing stress on both the supply of water and potentially to its quality.   Improvements to the 90 year old system were mandated by the State of Vermont in the last couple of years primarily to insure no quality problems.  An extensive project to replace the existing water lines throughout the system has been planned for this year.  (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013).

However, this Fall an additional problem was found.    The wells that supply the District have needed unforeseen repairs.  This problem has both delayed the start of the water line replacement project and has resulted in a temporary moratorium on new hookups to the Fire District #1 system.    One well with pump problems has been repaired.    The largest well, which has stopped producing adequate water to meet the District’s needs, needs to have relief in order to maintain its ability to produce.   The District is presently siting a location for an additional well that they hope to have online within the year.

The combination of the new well, the repairs to the existing wells, and the replacement project for the system piping will cut down on leakage by 30-40%, will give the current wells the ability to recharge, and will increase the water volume deliverable to end users.   It is expected that the temporary moratorium on water hookups will be lifted as well.

The replacement piping project will be completed in phases, with minimal disruption to water service.

Who pays?

The Fire District #1 system supplies over 200 users in both the full-time and seasonal community.   It is a municipal system that is completely separate from the Town of Greensboro.   In the fall of 2010, legal voters of the Fire District passed a US Department of Agriculture bond to finance some of the $2.95 million cost of the replacement project.  The actual project will be financed by a loan and a smaller grant from the USDA.    Paying back the loan for the work will result in almost doubling the yearly cost of water to users.   The cost of the new well will also be borne by users in the Water District.

Seasonal users will be subject to the same increase in costs as full time residents.   The cost of providing water is determined by the infrastructure not the actual use, so the cost of providing the first gallon of water to a property dictates the cost.   The municipal system provides clean and safe water to all of its users.

The Proposed Greensboro Fire Station Project

A new fire station, located at the Four Corners, is also being proposed for Greensboro.   If Town of Greensboro votes to use the municipal system, the Town will bear the cost of connecting that site to the Fire District #1 system (approximately $120,000.)  Further information on the total cost of the Fire Department project is available from the Town Hall and the Greensboro Fire Department.

Further information on the Water Pipe replacement project can be found here under Resources on the GA site.


The Craftsbury Outdoor Center will maintain XCC trails this winter

Following last years successful season, the Craftsbury Outdoor Center has again agreed to maintain most of the over 60km Highland Lodge winter trail system.  The Outdoor Center will maintain the Marathon Trail over Barr Hill, through Skunk Hollow and back toward Craftsbury through the Fisher Sugarbush, as well as many of other commonly used Greensboro trails. The frequency of grooming will vary depending on when the snow comes and how much use the trails get, with a minimum goal of having the trails in good shape for the weekends and major holidays.  The Center will collaborate with a volunteer group to keep a warming hut (former ski shop) behind the Lodge open and manned, at least, on weekends and vacation weeks; they hope to provide some shuttle service between the hut and the Outdoor Center at selected high use weeks.

A group of 10 volunteers has already been out clipping branches and sawing downed trees to help get the trails ready for 2012-13 winter skiing.   Thank you so much for your efforts!   All of us who use the trails are very very grateful for you direct and physical help.

Highland Lodge has announced it will have some rooms available for rent over the XCC season.  See here for details.

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is accepting donations to defray the costs of maintaining the Highland Lodge network.    All who are interested in maintaining this wonderful trail resource should consider at a minimum joining the Craftsbury Outdoor Center as a member, and also should think about contributing with a tax deductible donation to help defray the Outdoor Centers costs.  The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is a non-profit organization whose mission includes both life-long sports and land stewardship.   Yearly membership (as little as $25 for students and seniors) grants year-round access to the trails, rowing opportunities, ski rentals and a broad variety of programs.  More information on memberships can be found here.



Winter News from the Highland Lodge

The Highland Lodge has announced that it will be open for groups of 8-9 rooms this winter. The rate is 175.00/night/room for one night and 150.00/night/room for multiple nights. The rate includes morning coffee and use of the Lodge kitchen for meal preparations. Lodge x-c ski trails are being maintained and groomed by the Craftsbury Outdoor Center.  The Outdoor Center is accepting donations when you come to ski or online here.

The Lodge will also be open for the December 15th and the February 2nd Craftsbury race weekends. The rate will be 150.00/room for one, two or three people with morning coffee and kitchen use.

The Highland Lodge is for sale.  See details here.

The Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency announces next years season

After the acclaimed production of The Sound of Music in summer 2012, The Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency has announced that it will produce The Music Man by Meredith Wilson in July 2013.

The plot concerns con man Harold Hill, who poses as a boys’ band organizer and leader and sells band instruments and uniforms to naive townsfolk before skipping town with the cash. In River City, Iowa, prim librarian and piano teacher Marian Paroo sees through him, but when Hill helps her younger brother overcome his fear of social interactions due to his lisp, Marian begins to fall in love with Harold. Harold, in turn falling for Marian, risks being caught to win her.

The show features classic show tunes like “Ya’ Got Trouble (right here in River City)”, “Seventy Six Trombones” and “Till there was You”.

The 2013 Season is will also present “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder, and a Shakespeare Benefit and Feast at Mountain View Country Club in late August.

Donations are always Welcome and Always Needed. Gifts should be addressed to Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency and mailed to: Treasurer, Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency, Box 304, Greensboro, Vt. 05841.   If you wish to sponsor a play, event, scenery, costumes, musicians, or any other helpful gift, please contact Sabra Jones or James Sowles at Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency, 802 533 7487, or email: [email protected].

Are you interested in Recycling in the NEK?

The Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District’s (CVSWMD) mission is to provide leadership, education, and services for residents and businesses in our member towns to assist them in reducing and managing their solid waste. Our mandate is to protect public health and the environment to the greatest extent feasible.  The CVSWMD can be found at

The district distributes its (now) Quarterly e-newsletter to over 400 interested parties including member town residents and businesses, our Board of Supervisors, legislators, VT solid waste districts, and other non-profit  organizations in the state. The monthly e-newsletter replaces a printed newsletter, saving paper, printing, and postage costs and reducing waste.

This e-newsletter archive offers a brief look at the organization’s activities from September 2008, which is when the e-newsletter was first distributed.

Compost Collection Program

Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District is accepting food-scrap drop offs at two locations every Tuesday and Saturday through April as part of its Residential Composting Pilot Project. Participants receive a collection kit and info; no experience necessary! Come by and talk to our Compost Monitor Tuesdays & Saturdays at All Metals Recycling in Hardwick from 8 am – noon, and at Highfields Center for Composting (outside the building between CAE and Brochu’s garage in Hardwick) Tuesdays & Saturdays 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Call 229-9383 x102 for more information, or


Today and Tomorrow Sept 8,9 – Weekend Sampler Demonstrations at Miller’s Thumb Gallery

Join us at the Miller’s Thumb Gallery for a weekend of artist demonstrations as part of our “Cutting Edge” exhibition. Featured artist Carolyn Guest will be on hand Saturday, Sept 8 from 11 – 3 to share her her love of the Polish folk art Wycinanki (pronounced vee-chee-non-kee) which is the art of paper cutting. Using sheep-shears in honor of the Polish Women who taught her, Guest cuts intricate designs in paper depicting Vermont farm life and other folk art images. Guest, one of five Vermont artists selected to make an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree in 2002, will also cut silhouettes for visitors to the Miller’s Thumb (cost is $20).
On Sunday, Sept. 9 at the Miller’s Thumb, Carolyn Buttolph will inspire you with her passion and techniques for the traditional New England craft of rug hooking. Her use of of recycled wool fabrics in her expertly crafted rugs is an homage to the deeply ingrained wisdom of “use it up, wear it out.” Just as early Vermont homemakers brought comfort and beauty into their homes with hooked rugs, you can too with one of Buttolph’s rugs or you make your own hooked rug from one of her kits that available at the Miller’s Thumb gallery.

Meeting to discuss plans for the Proposed New Greensboro Fire Station

The Greensboro Fire Station Committee will meet Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012 at 5pm at the Greensboro Town Hall.   All members of the public are welcome, and input is encouraged.

Reports available online from the 2012 Annual Meeting

Committee reports are available online from the Annual Meeting in August 2012.     Minutes from the meeting are also available.   Look under Reports in this website.


Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting and who presented a report.

Highland Lodge update at Greensboro Association Annual meeting – August 10, 2012 at 7:30pm

Please join us at 7:30pm on Friday, August 10 for the Greensboro Association Annual meeting in Fellowship Hall at the United Church of Christ.  In addition to updates by the Selectboard and the Hardwick Police Department, we will have a report on Caspian Lake, a review of projects which are planned for the next year and a presentation on the status of Highland Lodge by guest speakers Willey and David Smith. The Association will also approve our budget and the slate of new officers for next year.

The Agenda

Introductions (Welcome & Overview of Agenda, Reading of Members Passed) Greensboro Reports (Police Report, Selectman Update, Greensboro Award, Fire Station Report)

Treasurer & Auditor Report Greensboro Community Project Proposal Committee Reports (Lake Update, Communications & Website, Events Committee, Membership Update, Grants and Gifts, Nominating & New Slate) President’s Report

Guest Speakers –David and Wilhelmina Smith: Highland Lodge Update

Caspian Challenge Kicks Off in Fine Form

Runners and walkers both young and old, ages 7 to 88, gathered at the ball field on Saturday, July 28 for the inaugural Caspian Challenge.  Many participants recalled the Caspian Run Around event held years ago and were eager to renew a tradition here in Greensboro.  Others were looking forward to a fun race in a beautiful setting.  While forty people pre-registered for the event, when the registration table opened at 8 AM, participants swamped volunteers to sign up for either the lake loop or the 5 kilometer run along Country Club Road.  By the time the dust settled, nearly 100 participants had completed one of the two races.  At the finish, racers enjoyed baked goods, beverages, and lots of comradeship.

For more photos, go to Karen Gowen photography.   Any profits from photos with go to the GA as a donation.   Thanks Karen for taking the photos!

Not having expected this many competitors, the organizers had some difficulties recording finishing times.  We apologize for any errors or omissions and are already working on improvements to the finish line in anticipation of next year’s event.   Please come out and join us in 2013!

Below are the winners in each of our categories:
Raffle Winner:                       Peggy Lipscomb
Craziest Outfit:                      Maya McCoy
Youngest Runner:                 Cormac Leahy, age 7
Oldest Runner:                      Alan Lukens, age 88
Largest Family Group:         The Philips and Connolly Families
each with 5 participants

5K Winners:
Under 15:      Charlie Connolly and Elizabeth Bennett
15-24:             Erin Mulvey
25-44:             Matissa Hollister and Jesper Holtenman
45-59:             Nancy Bennum and David Zalepa
Masters:         George Hall and Peggy Lipscomb

Lake Loop Winners:
Under 15:      No entries
15-24:             Emma Porrazzo
25-44:             Victoria Hill and Adrian Owens
45-59:             Dot Martin and Jim Flint
Masters:         John Martin

Prizes were generously provided by the following:
Willey’s Store
Hazendale Farmstand
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Yoga Light (Sophia Light Smith-Barsalow)
Connie’s Kitchen
Cassie’s Corner
Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont
Galaxy Bookshop
Jennifer Ranz
The Allen Family
Julie Porrazzo
Bien Fait
Cellars at Jasper Hill
Caledonia Spirits and Winery

Thank you as well to our volunteers and organizers: Gordon Auchinschloss, Laura Hill, Lucy Lukens, Stephanie and Linnea Osterhout, the Bennett Family, the Kehler Family, the Sowles Family, and the Porrazzo Family, as well as to the Hardwick Police Department for their assistance with traffic control.

Interested in helping to make next year’s Challenge a great success?  Contact the Greensboro Association to get involved!



2012 Caspian Challenge Fun Run Results

Thank you for your interest in the run on Saturday. Click on the links below for the results.  A disclaimer, though, “We did the best we could recording results of the many runners that showed up and we apologize for any result errors. Thank you for your support of a fun community event and come back next year when we will have finish line kinks worked out!”

Caspian Challenge Lake Loop Results 2012

Caspian Challenge 5K Results 2012

Barr Hill Preserve Celebrates 40th Anniversary!

The Barr Hill Nature Preserve celebrated it’s 40th anniversary yesterday with tours, picnics, cake and lemonade.  The Preserve, which was given to The Nature Conservancy in 1972 by the Gray Family, has figured prominately in the Greensboro Area and in literary works, most notably “Crossing to Safety” by Wallace Stegner.   Descendents of the Grays as well as volunteers who maintain the trails were present for the ceremony where Phil Gray read from Stegners work and from some letters from his parents.  Marsha Gadoury spoke about the importance of Barr Hill to the area, and there were short speeches from representatives of the  Nature Conservancy as well.


New programs for adults at Craftsbury Outdoor Center

Craftsbury Outdoor Center has teamed up with Road Scholar to offer a series of short term courses for adults.   Inspired by the youth hostels and folk schools of Europe, Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) is an independent, non-profit organization offering short term academic experiences to adults.  This Fall’s offerings include courses in  New England Music and Dance, Yoga, Nature of the Northeast Kingdom, and A History of Popular Song.  More information on the Center and it’s offering can be found at Road Scholar at Craftsbury or at the general Craftsbury Outdoor Center Site.


Meeting to discuss 2012 Town Plan

The 2007 Greensboro Town Plan has been updated to meet the State Requirement that a current Town Plan must be formulated every 5 years.  Copies of the draft plan are available at the Town Hall in the Town Clerk’s office.   A meeting to discuss the updated draft plan will be held on August 6th at 7pm in the Collier Room in the Greensboro Town Hall.  All are welcome.

The town plan forms the basis for Greensboro Town planning, including zoning.

First Annual Sky Lantern Launch on Caspian

The Sky Lantern launch on Caspian was memorable, beautiful, and well attended.   Lanterns went up from many points around the lake, but the majority were launched from the Public Beach.   A fleet of floating lanterns were also launched from the North End of the lake, creating a beautiful tableau.   For photos go to

If you find a lantern, Willey’s will take it back and give you a 25 cent bounty!

The Greensboro Rooster is back!

The Greensboro Rooster has reappeared, this time remembering those who have gone before.   The Rooster was found last summer in the middle of Caspian Lake, and in a tree after the big hurricane in September.   If you make a Rooster sighting, please send us a photo – [email protected]   We’d love to keep tract of our feathered friend!

The Funky Fourth Parade 2012

The Funky Fourth Parade came off without a hitch on Saturday July 7 – floats, antique cars, local businesses and groups, and the Bread and Puppet Theater were featured…along with the Von Trapp family singers from “The Sound of Music” and a large paper mache cow on a float from the Brown family farm – 4 generations of Greensboro farming!  In addition to distributing candy to the crowd, two local businesses threw local ice cream and Cabot Cheese!  Bread and Puppet was there in force as well.  The Chicken Barbecue at the Church went off without a hitch as did the fair and games on the Town Green!  Thanks to all who participated and helped!

First Friday Event in Hardwick Tonight, July 6!

Join the Merchants and Citizens of Hardwick to celebrate First Friday in Hardwick on July 6, 2012 from 5 to 10pm.   Extended Merchant Hours & Street Vendors, Sales & Specials, Food & Beverages, Live Music at the art park, Activities for Kids and the Entire Family! For further information, see

Participants include:
Claire’s Restaurant & Bar open to 10 with Beer, Wine, & Cocktail Specials,
Connie’s Kitchen Open to 8 pm,
Galaxy Bookshop Open to 10 pm,
Buffalo Mountain Coop & Cafe Open to 10 with Story Time for Children,
Gagnon’s Video Open to 10 pm,
Hall’s Market Open to 7 pm,
Hardwick Inn Clothing Company Open to 10 for 20-60% off,
Flower Basket’s Big Sale open to 9,
The Lamp/Shade Shop open to 8 for $5 off any lamp or shade,
Old Friends Reuse, Recycle Antiques Open to 9,
Morning Glory Essentials Open to 9,
The French Tart,
Village Restaurant Open to 8,
Street Vendors Include Caledonia Spirits, Kingdom Creamery, Heather Bryant Massage, Aloha Winds Massage and Bubbles Homemade Sodas.
Live Music in the Art Park