Water Pipe Replacement Project

Water Pipe Replacement Project

Greensboro’s Fire District #1 (FD#1 water department) has been required by the state to replace most of its delivery pipes because of massive leaking in the system. That $3 million project is now underway.  Just to complicate matters FD#1 has also had to drill a new expensive well this winter.  We hope to have this new well #4 pumping by June, but still we may have to continue pumping emergency water from the lake through the summer.  The lake water is chlorinated before entering the system but still the state requires that we issue “Boil Water” notices when we introduce that Caspian water.  One year from now we expect the system to be providing good water very efficiently. Then for 40 years we water users pay back our federal USDA loan granted for this pipe replacement project.


For this first phase of the project Munson Earth Moving Corp won the bid over eleven other companies. They are starting by setting up temporary plastic piping through the village and mostly above ground. The next step will be to replace the line from the church, down to Willey’s, up Breezy Ave. and out to the new fire station site at the Four Corners; that part is expected to be finished by mid-June.

Water users are reminded that this is a great time to upgrade their own water pipes out to the main lines and to install a pressure reducing valve as well.  Thank you, all of Greensboro, for your patience; we will publish further updates over the next few months.

FD#1 Prudential Committee:
John Mackin, Craig Dezell, Nat Smith


Caspian Challenge 2013

5K Run  5K Walk  6.8 mile loop…something for everyone!

Join us on July 27 for a morning of community support for Greensboro’s natural treasure: Caspian Lake! Proceeds from the run this year will go toward the Greensboro Association’s Lake Protection Fund in 2013. The primary aim of the fund is to provide milfoil and other invasive species prevention, as well as to monitor overall water quality in Caspian Lake.

Runners and walkers are all welcome!

Details and registration information are available here.

Water Project

The 2013 Summer season will be busy with the upcoming Water Line Project.  Click  here for updates and information about the project on the official town of Greensboro website.

Ice Out on Caspian Lake

Ice Out on Caspian Lake was declared as Saturday, April 27, 2013, three days later than the long term average of April 24. Thanks to Andy Dales for this update!

Ice fishing season is finished for 2013

Ice Shanties had to be removed in haste from Caspian in March during a break in the cold weather when the lake began to thaw.   One truck went through the ice near the Public Beach.   The truck was subsequently winched out, and fortunately no one was injured.

We’d love to hear any details of good catches during this season.

Great photo – great memories

A great photo of Ernie and Phyllis Hurst – Dad of Tom and Robert, Grandfather of Robbie from Willey’s Store – A true family business for generations.  We love you, Willey’s!  (I wish we had a soundtrack of Ernies whistling…)


The New Firehouse is Approved at Town Meeting

By a vote of  123 to 34, the $920,000 bond to build the new Firehouse at the corner of Breezy Avenue and Hardwick Street was approved at the 2013 Greensboro Town Meeting.  The new site is directly across from the Ball field at the Four Corners and will replace the current 1800’s vintage Firehouse on Breezy Avenue.  

The approval is the culmination of a 4 year process following the purchase of land from the Hurst estate and a subsequent swap with the Mountain View Country Club for the land at the 4 corners.  Numerous information sessions have been held over the past year to answer questions and gain response to the firehouse design.   As a result, very little discussion regarding the plan occurred at Town Meeting.

The new building will provide space for the existing equipment plus one additional bay for a potential addition.   It is a one story building designed to blend into the landscape in a similar way to a barn.   The new building will include bathrooms (which were not in the old firehouse).  It will be served by a water line extension from the existing Municipal Water District #1 system – the cost of the extension is included in the Bond amount.

The best estimate is that the new firehouse will cost property tax payers an additional $24.50 per $100,000 assessed value per year for the life of the bond (20 years).  

For more information about Town meeting results, see the Town of Greensboro Website.

2013 Winter Update

Our members will be receiving the Winter Letter shortly by both email and mail. We look forward to getting your updates, suggestions and new member referrals.

We have been very busy over the fall addressing a number of issues important to our members. Read the highlights in the Winter 2013 President’s Letter.

Other links you may want to review include news about the Public Beach and the GA position submitted to the Greensboro Selectboard: A Public Beach History, prepared by Clay Simpson, offers an interesting background and the  Public Beach President’s Letter written in December outlines our position.

We are excited to be announcing a proposal to launch The Fund For Greensboro. Learn more about the proposal here. We welcome your feedback.

We are also putting together recommendations for a Village Improvement Initiative targeting improvements to the Village Green and laying the foundation for other village priorities.

The History of the Public Beach at Caspian Lake

In response to recent questions regarding the ownership of the Caspian Lake Public Beach, the Greensboro Historical Society has asked Clay Simpson to research the history of the Public Beach.  The following article is the result of his work.  Clay Simpson is a Trustee of the GHS and a Member of the Board of the Greensboro Association.

The History of Caspian Lake Beach

Many thanks to the Greensboro Historical Society for allowing the Greensboro Association to publish this work.   We also thank those who aided in the research of this, including Lorraine Hussey, The Town of Hardwick, Clive Gray and Allen Davies.



Important News about the Greensboro Post Office

The United States Postal Service has recently sent a survey to users of the Greensboro Post Office soliciting community input to determine the best course of action for providing postal services to Greensboro.   The survey is testing whether the Greensboro Post Office will be open with 6 hours of window service each weekday, or whether the office should be discontinued.

A copy of the Postal Service survey is here.   Instructions are here.  If you have not sent in a form, please consider doing so immediately even if you are after the deadline.   The number of responses will be important as the USPS considers their decision.  Remember to list your Greensboro address on the form.

Besides the important aspect of whether the Post Office should remain open, the survey also asks for input on what the hours should be.    Daily hours can either be blocked (i.e. open 8 to 2 daily) or split (8 to 11, 1 to 4).    The efficiency and profitability of the USPS, a key factor in keeping an office open long term,  is maximized by blocked hours.     Please consider requesting blocked hours to give the Greensboro PO the best chance of remaining profitable and remaining open long term.

There will be a meeting with the US Postal Service on January 14, 2012 at 5pm at the Post Office to answer questions and provide additional information about the POST Plan.   If attendance is strong, provisions are being made to move the meeting to a larger venue.  The attendance and input from this meeting will also be used to make a final decision.

The Greensboro Post Office is only one of the sites being reviewed under a program called the POST Plan.  Further questions about the Federal POST program may be answered here.




Greensboro Association Position on Caspian Beach Potential Sale

The Greensboro Association has sent a letter to the Greensboro Select Board supporting their efforts to come up with an equitable, community based solution which maintains local control of the Caspian Public Beach and importantly, does not change the use of the beach to all area residents. Copies of this letter, which was drafted in response to a request from the Select Board and to rapidly developing events regarding the Beach, were distributed at a meeting on Monday night in Greensboro. A letter has also been sent to the editor at the Hardwick Gazette stating our position.

The GA position has been developed by a subgroup of GA members chaired by Andy Dales.

Hardwick has owned the public beach for several decades, and Greensboro has viewed the property as not subject to state tax assessment since it is recreational and for the public good. For many years, both Hardwick and Greensboro, plus the GA, have contributed to the upkeep and maintenance of the beach, and to the important task of detecting incoming boats for Invasive Species like Milfoil. Last year, the State of Vermont found the property was not tax exempt, and forced Greensboro to assess Hardwick approximately $10,000 in property Tax. Hardwick is contesting this judgement in the courts, but is also understandably searching for other ways to mitigate the tax burden while keeping the property open and usable to all community residents. The Greensboro Association fully understands and sympathises with the Hardwick Select Boards tax situation, and has committed to working with the Greensboro Select Board and the Hardwick Select Board to develop a solution.


Special Select Board Meeting announced regarding Caspian Lake Public Beach

There will be a special select board meeting on Monday, December 17 at 7pm on the Fellowship Hall at GUCC regarding the Caspian Lake Beach.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform the public of the facts (right now there is a lot of misinformation floating around) and to hear what the public has to say – concerns, new ideas, etc.  This is considered an informational meeting.

The GA has also formed a Public Beach Advisory Committee, chaired by Andy Dales.   This committee is considering the Public Beach issue from all sides, and welcomes input from any GA members.   Comments may be sent privately to [email protected] or posted here.  Many thanks for the comments we have already received.

Caspian Lake is included in 2013 Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swim

The Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association is sponsoring a program of 7 swims on some of the most beautiful lakes in our region in 2013.   Caspian, Lake Memphremagog, Willoughby, Island Pond, Crystal and Seymour lakes are included in the events, which will take place from August 9 through 18.  Swimmers will use Highland Lodge as a base during this time.

The NKOWSA also sponsors the Kingdom Swim, Seymour Swim, Willoughby Swim and In Search of Memphre at other times during the summer.    The Daily News of Open Water Swimming has selected Lake Memphremagog and Lake Willoughby as two of the 50 great open water swimming venues in all of the Americas.

The Caspian Swim is from the Public Beach to Bathtub Rocks and back (or one way with a shuttle to return).   Participants can sign up for the swim on the NEKOWSA Kingdom Swim website.

NEKOWSA, a division of Indoor Recreation Orleans County, was established in January of 2010 with the purpose to organize and promote swimming in the legendary lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and to raise funds for our rural area’s struggling, financially challenged sports, fitness, and recreation center, IROC.   In 2012 NEKOWSA hosted seven swims, with over 375 swimmers signing on.  Swimmers are now coming from 36 different states and three Canadian provinces and are travelling from as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Great Britain and Mumbai, India.  The events have been sanctioned by USMS and USA Swimming.  They are challenging, totally fun, awesome venues, well supported and safety conscious swims for young and old alike.

For further information on these events during summer 2013, please see the NEKOWSA website.

Hardwick Select Board meets with Vermont State Fish and Game to discuss sale of Caspian Public Beach

There is a meeting this Thursday, December 6 at Hardwick Town Hall 6:30PM on Dec. 6th to discuss a possible sale of the Caspian Lake Public Beach by the Town of Hardwick to the Vermont State Fish and Game Department.    The Vermont State Fish and Game department is interested in buying the “Beach” and Hardwick is interested in a potential sale given the recent decision of the State of Vermont to assess property taxes on the beach.

The beach has belonged to the Town of Hardwick for decades, and has been considered a tax exempt property by Greensboro.   Last year, the State of Vermont decided the property was subject to tax assessment and Greensboro presented a bill to Hardwick.   The payment of the tax has been subject to legal challenge and discussion since that change of status.  Selling to VT Fish and Game is one potential option to the Town of Hardwick.

There are multiple possible questions about a sale to VTF&G, including what price, whether the property will be exempt from state taxes, and to what extent the VTF&G could change the beach – including changing lake level, dredging the boat ramp to accommodate larger boats on the lake (with the potential for noise increases and more potential for invasive species), limits on eradicating geese on the beach, etc.  The Greensboro Association is following the discussions, and would appreciate opinions from anyone who attends the meeting as to the above points and any others.

Highland Lodge Will Open President’s Weekend

The Highland Lodge will open President’s week, February 15 – 24 for individual room reservations.   Contact Willie at [email protected] with inquiries and to make your reservation.

The rate is 150.00 + 9% tax = 163.60 per room per night. This includes morning coffee or tea and use of the Highland Lodge kitchen for meal preparation. Cross-country skiing will be provided on the Highland Lodge trails by the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, to whom you can make your donations when you come to ski.

The Lodge is also open for the December 15th and the February 2nd Craftsbury race weekends for the same rate and terms.

Willie and David Smith have already announced that The Lodge will be open for groups of 8-9 rooms during the rest of this winter.  The rate is 175.00/night/room for one night and 150.00/night/room for multiple nights. This includes morning coffee and use of the Lodge kitchen for meal preparations.

Flowers/Wreaths available for the Holidays

If you are looking for holiday decorations, please consider AWARE’s Annual Poinsettia Sale.   Red, white, or Marble Poinsettas are available for $15.00 from The Flower Basket in Hardwick.   The proceeds will benefit AWARE in Hardwick.  Delivery dates are December 6th or December 13th, and orders can be placed from now to December 8.

Also, consider a wreath from Green Mountain Monastery in Greensboro.   They are providing beautifully fragrant balsam wreaths, decorated and sent for $25 plus shipping.   There are special discounts for orders of 50 or more, and the sisters are also willing to provide the wreaths at a discount for those who wish to decorate them and sell them on as a fundraiser.   Contact Sister Gail at Green Mountain Monastery ([email protected]) for further information and to place an order.

Craftsbury NENSA’s Eastern Cup race is looking for volunteers

Craftsbury Outdoor Center has fired up the snow guns this week and this year’s Mt. Craftsbury is growing in the lower field! After the recent  dusting of natural snow,  it’s time to start planning for this winter’s events. The first big race will be the opening weekend for NENSA’s Eastern Cup series, December 15th and 16th. Saturday will feature a classic sprint; Sunday will be a mass start skate race.  A large field of New England skiers, and likely some Canadian competitors as well are expected.   Please consider joining as a volunteer for one or both days of the weekend. You’ve receive  lunch,  morning snacks, and hot drinks as well. If you’d like to help out, drop  a line at [email protected], and indicate which day(s) you can work, as well as any preferred tasks. Volunteers make it possible for the Center to host the broader ski community at these events – thank you for making it possible!

Newly updated 2012 Town Plan will be presented November 28.

The Greensboro Select Board will meet on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Collier Room of the Greensboro Town Hall to present the newly updated 2012 Town Plan. The Town Plan was revised in 2007 and an update or revision is required by the State of Vermont every five years per 24 VSA §4387. The 2012 Town Plan reflects changes in numbers, statistics, graphs, and correlating information from the 2007 version.

The updated Town Plan is available for review at the Greensboro Town Hall or at the Town of Greensboro website – www.greensborovt.org.

The meeting is open to the public. Interested persons may attend the meeting or send a letter or email to the Select Board c/o the Town Clerk’s office to comment on the proposed update. Emails can be forwarded to the [email protected] address.

Greensboro Select

2013 Cross Country Marathon registration is OPEN…

The 2013 TD Bank Craftsbury Marathon registration is now online at Skireg.com. As is custom, the 2013 25 or 50k classic technique ski event will be capped at 1000 participants. This combined with a graduated entry fee schedule means now is the time to register for the February 2nd point-to-point race!

If you are planning a trip to Greensboro over the first weekend in February, plan to go and cheer on the participants.  See Craftsbury Outdoor center for more information.

Greensboro and Area Not-for-profit Organizations

We know many of you are interested in supporting local organizations who provide extraordinary services to our community.   A list of local not for profit organizations is available here.   Please remember Greensboro and give as generously as you can!

See our revised listing of Greensboro and Area Not-for-profit Organizations