Caspian Challenge Fun Run 2102

Greensboro Association Caspian Challenge
5K Walk/Run
Loop the Lake
Saturday, June 28
For further information and to register


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  1. Megan Day Gray PB
    Megan Day Gray PB says:

    I’d like to reserve a couple places in the fun run, can I do it by email? (I tried sending it to Victoria but it came out in scrambled code..)

    Thanks in advance for organizing!

    • gaadmin
      gaadmin says:

      Hi Donna – the 5K will be the Loop around the Country Club – up from 4 corners to Country Club Road along Breezy Avenue, then down Country Club Road until you get to the Greensboro Bend road,then back past Hazendale to the four corners. It will be fun and walkers, runners (part walkers), joggers, etc. are all welcome.

  2. Donna
    Donna says:

    I see that registrations must be received by July 21. I just found out about on the 23rd. Can I still come and participate? I will be staying at my sister’s camp for the weekend watching her kitty. Please let me know. Thanx in advance !

  3. Donna
    Donna says:

    One other thing, if I can register after this 7/21 date, is there a fax # I should fax the registration for to? I work at McMahon Chevrolet in Morrisville so I have access to one. Look forward to your reply.


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