Announcement from Mountain View Country Club

We wanted to share this announcement from Mountain View Country Club, a valued member of our community.

From Mountain View Country Club, October 3, 2014

Mountain View Country Club continues to welcome new members. With its offerings of golf,

A view from the 3rd green in September

A view from the 3rd green in September

tennis and a range of social activities, the Club is an important contributor to what makes Greensboro special. It really is a gem—how lucky we are to have a facility of this quality and beauty so close and accessible during our time in the Northeast Kingdom! Joining Mountain View represents both a terrific recreational and social outlet and a continuing tangible investment in the vitality of the Greensboro community.

Given that we are now nearing the end of the season, the Club is offering to new members who join by December 31 the opportunity to pay the current initiation fee and stock charge ($1,600 in total, plus tax) and have their dues waived for the remainder of 2014 and for all of 2015, not paying any further dues until 2016. The Club will be increasing its dues with effect from January 1, 2015, so the current offering is a particularly good value for new members who want to play a few times in the remaining days of this year, as well as for those who are considering joining next season.

You are invited to apply for membership. Visit the Membership Page to learn more or download the membership application form here: MVCC Application Form . If you have questions, call the Pro Shop at 533-7477 or, when it is closed, try Mike Kreider at 501-226-5682 or at [email protected].


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