DRB rulings set to change parts of Greensboro

Two recent DRB decisions and continuing discussions by the Select Board have paved the way for changes to sections of Greensboro Village, Shoreland, and Rural Lands.

First, the DRB gave conditional approval to the Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency for their construction of the Mirror Theater.   The Theater will be located at the Hazendale Farm corner.    Further information is available on the town website, VPR, and the Burlington Free Press.

Additionally, the Greensboro Grange committee has received approval to renovate the Greensboro Grange building.   A $70,000 initial donation has been made to improve building access, meet fire codes, and install bathrooms.   More information is available here.

Third, the Select Board has been discussing the use of the Willey land purchased with State funding in the 1970’s.   This land is adjacent to the public beach along the shoreland of Caspian Lake, and must be used and available as recreational space.   Many good ideas are being considered.   The current parking adjacent to the Willey land, which was envisioned to be used as village parking originally, must be solely used for the recreational space – it’s size will be reduced from the current 10 spot gravel parking pad to something more in keeping with the recreational land requirements.   This project is ongoing and will require some planning and funding by the town.  Descriptions of the parcel can be found in this recent post.

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