Greensboro’s Giving Closet may be forced to close

The following is a notice from the Town Clerk in Greensboro posted this week on Front Porch Forum.

Please note that while well-intentioned, leaving items for the Giving Closet after hours or leaving large, bulky items without making prior arrangements could make it difficult for this important community service to continue. Metal recycling is available behind the town hall, and recycling hours are currently Saturday mornings from 9-11.

The Giving Closet is a heavily visited room in the Greensboro Town Hall. Unfortunately, in the past we have had donations left at the front door of the Town Clerk’s Office during off hours. This is happening regularly again. In the past, we have closed down because of this. We truly appreciate all the “good” donations we received, but we are also subject to “un-usable” items. This is getting out of hand again. I know a lot of different communities utilize the Giving Closet, but we WILL close if this does not stop. We try to make it available most days of the week, but we are being taken advantage of. Please respect our efforts to make this open for all. DO NOT leave items on the weekends or after hours. Just call me if you have items and we can make arrangements. 802-533-2911. Thank you.

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