Halloween Magic Happens!

Just a couple days into Greensboro’s first snowfall, its hard to believe so many of us were so recently strolling up and down Breezy Avenue in a variety of colorful costumes, trick or treating at well decorated locations along the way.  Spirits were high, and buoyed by live music, roving artists, and the creativity of neighbors, many gathered on the Village Green to have their fortunes told, then spilled into Fellowship Hall for hot drinks, grilled cheese sandwiches, and a bit of community warmth.

Many thanks to Modern Times Theatre for their organizational skills and vision, along with support from the Greensboro United Church, Greensboro Free Library, Highland Center for the Arts, WonderArts, Spark, Circus Smirkus, Bread and Puppet Theatre, Hazen Union Arts Academy and the Greensboro Association.

This was one event where masks, while required, were definitely part of the fun!











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