Important Information about the Mirror Theater Site Visit on Saturday, November 21


The site visit by the Greensboro Development Review Board for the amended conditional use application for the theater project will take place this Saturday, November 21 at 11:00 AM. The amended application and models of the proposed construction are available for review at the Greensboro Town Hall or on the town website at

We have been asked to provide the following important information about this Saturday’s visit.

  1. For safety reasons, no vehicles will be allowed within the project site.
  1. The fire department has asked that no cars be parked in their lot or on their property. Please park at the ball field or along Hardwick Street.
  1. There will be no active construction activities on Saturday. Hard hats will not be required.  Footwear, however, should be appropriate for a construction site where uneven ground is possible.
  1. Although the site won’t be active on Saturday, this is an ongoing construction area. Engelberth Construction will mark off a path along the current driveway and back around the theater building for participants to use during the visit.  For safety reasons, nobody should stray from the marked pathway.
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