Members 2013: Clay Simpson, Chair; Andy Dales; Niall Kirkwood; Janney Johnston

The Grants Committee developed an application procedure and has met to consider grant applications received. The following grants were recommended to the Board of Trustees and approved for this fiscal year:

$1,000                   Lakeview Union Elementary School Playground Fund to assist in upgrade of current playground structure

$620                      The Common Place to support an outdoor classroom space

$1,000                    Four Seasons of Early Learning to assist in repair of exterior paint job

$1,000                   Wonder & Wisdom to support transportation for Senior Trotters   program

$1,000                   Greensboro Free Library to support the 2011 Summer Children’s programs

$500                      Greensboro Cemetery Association to reposition headstones

The 2011 grants total is $5,120. This does not include the “civic” projects which continue to receive funding as line items in the Greensboro Association budget: Caspian Lake Beach Committee, Memorial Garden, Swim Program, Hardwick Rescue Squad.

Given the fact that there is a surplus of funds this year, it seems prudent to support these organizations, all serving the greater Greensboro community. The Greensboro Association only provides small grants (up to $1,000) as part of its mission of village improvement. Most of our area’s non-profit organizations are very much still dependent on the direct, ongoing philanthropic support of community members.

Respectfully submitted,
Tara Reynolds, Chair
Janney Johnston, Acting Chair