Greensboro Fire District #1, founded in 1912 and chartered as a separate municipality by act of the legislature in 1925, supplies water to Greensboro Village and properties from Blacks Point to Randolph Camps, as well as to the Nursing Home, the Firehouse at Tolman Corners, and the Highland Center for the Arts; some of the hookups are seasonal only. As with Fire District #2 which provides water to 13 – 15 addresses in Greensboro Bend, the districts get water from drilled wells and are entirely paid for by the users of the systems.

After a century of operation, and with constant leakages and potential problems with water quality, the state required a massive replacement of the system. A $1.275 million Federal Grant, a $1.5 million 40-year, 2.75% loan from USDA, and a doubling of water rates to $425/year accomplished the 2013-2016 replacement of the water system, doubling the size of the mains to meet up-dated firefighting requirements. Water samples are sent for testing monthly, chlorination is applied as needed, and “boil water” notices have gone to zero since the replacement of the water mains.

Questions about the water system can be addressed to the Prudential Committee of John Mackin, Craig Dezell or Nat ASmith. John is also the water system operator, licensed by the state.