Chair: John Hewitt

2011 Report:
Once again I am pleased to report that the Sunday Evening Lake Concerts have been well received in this, the 66th year that they have been originated from the Landon Lake House. We know about the dozen or so that enjoy the concerts from the rockers on the front porch and the dozen or so boats that show up on a quiet wind evening, but it is the unknown number who are sitting on their docks and porches around the lake that we can’t count but know are there that constitute the audience.

Eight concerts have been planned for this year with the last concert to be held on August 28, 2011.

Once again, your Music Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the selection of music and to assist with the mechanics of setting up and running the concerts.  Thanks to Darius Mallon for his invaluable help with setting up the equipment in July and to Chase Stone for the same help in August. Please contact John Hewett if you would like to help out with any aspect of the work of the Music Committee.

Our equipment continues to serve us well, and we have over $200.00 in our checking account to purchase new CD’s.  As ever, Lisa and I have enjoyed hosting these concerts and look forward to another fine season of Lake Concerts next year.

Respectfully submitted,
John B. Hewett, Chair

The Greensboro Association Music Committee