February 2018 Winter Letter


Fellow members:

As we take this mid-winter moment to think about Greensboro, we can be grateful for our community and Caspian Lake and also saddened by the passing of members who have made so many rich contributions to Greensboro. We look forward to the opportunity to come together to remember and celebrate full and rewarding lives.

2017 marks another year of good lake quality and support for our community mission. We once again extend our thanks to Andy Dales who has been the face of the Greensboro Association and lake protection for so many years. We also welcome Stew Arnold who is stepping forward as the Chair of the Lake Protection Committee with Andy’s continued support. With guidance from Havilah Mann, Mary Parker, and Don Jenkins, we added operational structure to the Fund for Greensboro. Becky Arnold assumed the Chair of the committee taking over from John Schweizer who continues to lead the Grants Committee.  Tim Nisbett agreed to join the Fund for Greensboro Committee, bringing his deep experience and perspective on ways we can best support Greensboro.  Also, we welcome Mary White and Vince Cubbage as new members of the Board of Trustees offering additional depth to the Committee.

Please join me in welcoming new and returning members of the board of Trustees. The class of 2020 directors include: Devin Burgess, Rick Lovett, Karen Gowen (new member), Havilah Mann, Mary Parker, John Schweizer, Mary White (new member). The class of 2018 includes: Emily Purdy, Day Patterson, Becky Arnold, Sara Slater, Vince Cubbage (new member), John Stone III, Victoria Von Hessert. The class of 2019 includes: Andy Dales, Linda Ely, Betsy Hunt, Don Jenkins, Naomi Ranz-Schleifer, Lorelei Wheeler, and Allison Stegner.

Your dues/ donations support our annual activities and your Fund for Greensboro donations support our sustaining mission to support the Greensboro community and protect Caspian Lake. For more information, please contact Becky Arnold at 802-533-2356.

Keep track of Greensboro news by subscribing to the Hardwick Gazette and by checking the Town website. We also strive to share news updates on Facebook, occasional emails and news postings on our website.  The Annual Meeting is scheduled for: August 2, 2018 at 4-6 PM.  Email me at [email protected] or call (617) 686-7305 with any comments or suggestions.


John C. Stone III
Association President