Great Concert on Sunday Afternoon

Banjo Dan and Willy Lindner and the Sky Blue Boys played a great concert on Sunday afternoon in the Greensboro barn owned by the Ranz family.   The sounds of guitar, mandolin and banjo filled the barn which was festooned with fairy lights, and the weather outside went from rain, to sun, to rain again!   Young and old enjoyed the music, which included a wide range of styles.   Thanks to the Band for the great music, to the Ranz family for their wonderful barn, and Victoria Von Hessert for organizing the event.  Photos by Karen Gowen
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Caspian Challenge is a Big Success!

The Caspian Challenge was terrific – we had over 80 runners/walkers on a stunning summer morning…thanks to Victoria VonHessert and all her volunteers for doing all of the work to organize it!  The results can be found here.

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Sunday Music on the Lake

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 7.41.12 AM
2013 marks the 68th season of Lake Concerts on Sundays in the on Caspian Lake.   Recently I remarked that I had been up to the concert in my canoe the night before and how lovely it had
been.   One of the other woman remarked that she would love to go, but didn’t really know where the concert was or how to get there.  SOOOO, for all of you who might want to experience this wonderful Greensboro tradition for the first time, here are some pointers.

  • Concerts occur Sundays in July and August – 8pm start in July, and 7:30pm start in August.
  • The program for the concert is usually found on the front door of Willey’s Store the prior week.
    Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 7.41.33 AM
  • The concerts occur at the Landon Lake House, which is located at 163 Pleasants Street on the south end of the lake.
  • Concert goers are welcome by non-power boat via lake, or by car to sit on the iconic veranda of this large and wonderful cottage.  If you come by boat, do bring a light to use on your way back to your dock.
  • Everyone using the lake during the concerts is encouraged to be quiet during the concerts.

Lisa and John Hewett have been in charge of these concerts for many decades – we all thank them for the tremendous effort and for such lovely evenings on the Lake.

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 7.41.21 AM







Proposed Amendments to the GA Articles of Association and Bylaws

The Association’s Articles of Association were adopted in 1934 and have never been amended, and the Association’s By-Laws were last amended in 2003. In the course of reviewing the Association’s documents for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) purposes, an “ad hoc” committee has also proposed changes to adapt the provisions to current practices.  Attorneys Day Patterson and Bob Fairbanks drafted the changes based upon the advice of experienced volunteers Andy Dales, Rick Lovett, Clive Gray, Mike Cassidy and Clay Simpson (chair). The Board will review and vote on the amendments next week, and in accordance with the current bylaws we will ask the Association members attending the annual meeting on August 9th to vote to accept the amendments

1. Proposed new Articles of Association

2. Proposed amended bylaws

3. Bylaw amendments – Mark-up with highlights

4. A Memorandum from Attorney Day Patterson to the Board and Membership Explaining the Changes

5. A note from the “ad hoc” Foundation Committee about the need for 501(c)(3) status for the Greensboro Association

Sky Blue Boys in Greensboro on August 4

Sky Blue Boys

Caspian Lake Sailing Days & Sailing Clinic

Throughout the 60s, 70s and early 80s, we enjoyed a vibrant Yacht Club on Caspian Lake with a fleet of about 10 Flying Dutchman, 30+ Sunfish and about a dozen handicap sailboats. Races were every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon and spectators could enjoy colorful sails circling buoys at different parts of the lake.

To help relive memories, the Greensboro Association is promoting two “Sailing Days”. Come out to the lake on July 27 (Thanks for coming out!) and August 17th. Let’s see how many sailboats we can have on the lake!

Need a sailing refresher?

Join us for a free sailing clinic at the Stone-Slater Cottage (South Shore Pleasant’s St. next door to the Landon Sunday Night Concert location) on Saturday July 20 at  and / or on August 17th from 3PM-4PM (NEW TIME!) weather permitting (e.g. no storms). Come by boat, foot or car. Look for updates here on the Greensboro Association website and Facebook Page. 

We can tackle beginner to more advanced sailing topics, so feel free to come along and If you are an expert, come and teach others.






Summer News in Greensboro

Summer is in full swing in Greensboro.   Please check the Green Sheet for listings of various activities and dates/times during July and August.  There is something for everyone.

2013 season of the Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency

Caspian Monday Music
Summer Music from Greensboro
The Craftsbury Chamber Players
The Sky Blue Boys

Children’s   Activities
The Greensboro Free Library
The Art House
4 Seasons of Early Learning
Wonder and Wisdom
Circus Smirkus

Book  Groups  
The Greensboro Free Library
The United Church of Christ

Greensboro  Association
Caspian Challenge Run Walk – SIGN UP NOW!
Caspian Lake Sail Days

Yoga with Sophia Barsalow
Tai Chi
Swim the Kingdom – Caspian Lake

Lecture   Series
The Greensboro Historical Society
GUCC Summer Lecture Series

And many other events on our GREEN SHEET .   Check back to for more information as the summer rolls on!

Please email [email protected] if you would like us to include your events in our green sheet and mailings.

ALSO…..2013 Directories are available for purchase at Willey’s Store.

Haven’t paid your dues for 2013?   Dues payment and donation information here.

Is there someone you know who would like to be added to our mailing list?   Please send the email to [email protected] with their name and email address.

Circus Smirkus Camp Zoning Hearing is Scheduled

The Town zoning board will hold a hearing on June 19 regarding the application for Circus Smirkus to locate a children’s camp in the Village.  Information including the zoning application can be found on the Town of Greensboro website,


Vermont Legislature Exempts Caspian Lake Public Beach from State Tax

The Vermont State Legislature has passed a bill in the final days of its 2013 calendar which exempts the Caspian Lake Public Beach from state taxes.   This bill, which is a piece of legislation targeted at miscellaneous technical changes to the tax code, amended property tax law to include an exemption for parcels of land which “provide public access to public waters….and which are owned by the Town of Hardwick, and which are located in Greensboro Vermont.”

This bill appears to solve recent questions between Greensboro and Hardwick regarding taxation of the Public Beach.

In 2013, the State of Vermont ruled that the Public Beach, which has been owned by Hardwick sine 1927, be added to the Greensboro tax roll . The Town of Hardwick was assessed for the first time a tax of  over $10,000 on this 2.4 acre parcel, which includes 325 of shoreline. Both Hardwick and Greensboro residents have been unhappy with the state’s position, and have been seeking a number of ways to mitigate Hardwick’s tax bill while maintaining the current full and free use of the property for area residents.

Various possible solutions to the tax problem had been proposed, including sale of the property to a private owner; sale to the Vermont State Fish and Wildlife Department; sale or donation of the property to Greensboro with rights for Hardwick residents to use the beach in perpetuity; and a court case asking for a summary judgment saying that the property is not taxable under state law.

There is still a question of whether taxes are owed for the current year since the bill is effective January 1, 2014.

Thanks to Senators John Rodgers, Jane Kitchell, Robert Starr and Joe Benning, and Representative Kristina Michelsen for their help in this matter.




2013 Funky Fourth Celebrations on July 6

Don’t miss Greensboro’s Independence Day festivities. Events include the Funky Fourth parade on July 6 beginning at 10:00 a.m., music and games in front of the town hall after the parade, the book sale at the Greensboro Free Library, the UCC chicken barbecue, (contact UCC for tickets, [email protected]) and the free Fireworks display at the Four Corners beginning at dusk.

Volunteers are needed to help set up the parade on the day and to man a Greensboro Association table at the Town Hall during the morning after the parade.  Would you be willing to lend an hour during this busy time?  Many hands make light work and allow everyone to spend time with their families while enjoying this terrific celebration. Volunteers are needed in the morning from 8:00 a.m. to help direct the parade vehicles on Country Club road, as well as after the parade.  Please sign up here if you have a bit of time to spend on the day, and we will work around your schedule.

2013 Spring Newsletter


Click here to read the 2013 Spring Newsletter! Lots of news and information about upcoming  events in Greensboro.  Thank you to Niall Kirkwood, our Newsletter Editor.

Water Pipe Replacement Project

Water Pipe Replacement Project

Greensboro’s Fire District #1 (FD#1 water department) has been required by the state to replace most of its delivery pipes because of massive leaking in the system. That $3 million project is now underway.  Just to complicate matters FD#1 has also had to drill a new expensive well this winter.  We hope to have this new well #4 pumping by June, but still we may have to continue pumping emergency water from the lake through the summer.  The lake water is chlorinated before entering the system but still the state requires that we issue “Boil Water” notices when we introduce that Caspian water.  One year from now we expect the system to be providing good water very efficiently. Then for 40 years we water users pay back our federal USDA loan granted for this pipe replacement project.


For this first phase of the project Munson Earth Moving Corp won the bid over eleven other companies. They are starting by setting up temporary plastic piping through the village and mostly above ground. The next step will be to replace the line from the church, down to Willey’s, up Breezy Ave. and out to the new fire station site at the Four Corners; that part is expected to be finished by mid-June.

Water users are reminded that this is a great time to upgrade their own water pipes out to the main lines and to install a pressure reducing valve as well.  Thank you, all of Greensboro, for your patience; we will publish further updates over the next few months.

FD#1 Prudential Committee:
John Mackin, Craig Dezell, Nat Smith


Caspian Challenge 2013

5K Run  5K Walk  6.8 mile loop…something for everyone!

Join us on July 27 for a morning of community support for Greensboro’s natural treasure: Caspian Lake! Proceeds from the run this year will go toward the Greensboro Association’s Lake Protection Fund in 2013. The primary aim of the fund is to provide milfoil and other invasive species prevention, as well as to monitor overall water quality in Caspian Lake.

Runners and walkers are all welcome!

Details and registration information are available here.

Water Project

The 2013 Summer season will be busy with the upcoming Water Line Project.  Click  here for updates and information about the project on the official town of Greensboro website.

Ice Out on Caspian Lake

Ice Out on Caspian Lake was declared as Saturday, April 27, 2013, three days later than the long term average of April 24. Thanks to Andy Dales for this update!

Ice fishing season is finished for 2013

Ice Shanties had to be removed in haste from Caspian in March during a break in the cold weather when the lake began to thaw.   One truck went through the ice near the Public Beach.   The truck was subsequently winched out, and fortunately no one was injured.

We’d love to hear any details of good catches during this season.

Great photo – great memories

A great photo of Ernie and Phyllis Hurst – Dad of Tom and Robert, Grandfather of Robbie from Willey’s Store – A true family business for generations.  We love you, Willey’s!  (I wish we had a soundtrack of Ernies whistling…)


The New Firehouse is Approved at Town Meeting

By a vote of  123 to 34, the $920,000 bond to build the new Firehouse at the corner of Breezy Avenue and Hardwick Street was approved at the 2013 Greensboro Town Meeting.  The new site is directly across from the Ball field at the Four Corners and will replace the current 1800’s vintage Firehouse on Breezy Avenue.  

The approval is the culmination of a 4 year process following the purchase of land from the Hurst estate and a subsequent swap with the Mountain View Country Club for the land at the 4 corners.  Numerous information sessions have been held over the past year to answer questions and gain response to the firehouse design.   As a result, very little discussion regarding the plan occurred at Town Meeting.

The new building will provide space for the existing equipment plus one additional bay for a potential addition.   It is a one story building designed to blend into the landscape in a similar way to a barn.   The new building will include bathrooms (which were not in the old firehouse).  It will be served by a water line extension from the existing Municipal Water District #1 system – the cost of the extension is included in the Bond amount.

The best estimate is that the new firehouse will cost property tax payers an additional $24.50 per $100,000 assessed value per year for the life of the bond (20 years).  

For more information about Town meeting results, see the Town of Greensboro Website.

2012 Caspian Challenge Fun Run Results

Thank you for your interest in the run on Saturday. Click on the links below for the results.  A disclaimer, though, “We did the best we could recording results of the many runners that showed up and we apologize for any result errors. Thank you for your support of a fun community event and come back next year when we will have finish line kinks worked out!”

Caspian Challenge Lake Loop Results 2012

Caspian Challenge 5K Results 2012

First Annual Sky Lantern Launch on Caspian

The Sky Lantern launch on Caspian was memorable, beautiful, and well attended.   Lanterns went up from many points around the lake, but the majority were launched from the Public Beach.   A fleet of floating lanterns were also launched from the North End of the lake, creating a beautiful tableau.   For photos go to

If you find a lantern, Willey’s will take it back and give you a 25 cent bounty!